Tailored Hospitality Staffing Services to Meet Your Company's Unique Needs and Culture

Fully Customized Staffing Solutions

We find the perfect candidates with the skills and experience you need, in any hospitality industry

At Next Move Hospitality Staffing, we understand that each hospitality establishment has its unique needs and company culture. That’s why we have a qualified team of staffing experts who carefully match applicants to our clients’ specific needs and company cultures across a wide range of hospitality settings.
Our staffing services are tailored to provide a customized solution that meets each client’s unique needs. We take the time to understand our clients’ specific requirements, from the level of experience and skillset to the desired personality traits and communication style. By doing so, we can identify and source the best candidates that are most suitable for the particular hospitality establishment.
Our services extend to an array of hospitality settings, including hotels, country clubs, entertainment venues, restaurants, spas, convention centers, casinos, cruise ships, and many others. We understand the unique requirements of each of these settings and have a pool of candidates that are specifically trained and experienced in these areas.

We provide staffing services for everything, ranging from Guest Services and Kitchen staff to Maintenance and Porter services.
No matter the size of the concert or ball game, Next Move is equipped with the staff you need to keep your clients happy.
Convention Centers
Next Move has extensive experience in providing staffing support for convention centers, regardless of the venue or event.
Next Move is proud to provide short-term staffing solutions for various positions in the restaurant industry.
Country Clubs
Next Move offers excellent, reliable staffing solutions for tournaments, seasonal rushes and more.
Event Venues
Next Moves staffs every aspect of festivals, city-sponsored events, holidays and more. We can ensure event go-ers have all their needs met.

Expert Talent Recruitment

Our experts are continuously sourcing and recruiting top talent to ensure that we always have a pool of qualified candidates to choose from. We thoroughly screen and interview each candidate to ensure that they meet our high standards for skills, experience, and customer service attitude. We also conduct background checks and verify their work history and references to ensure that they have a proven track record of success.
We pride ourselves on providing exceptional staffing solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. Whether you need a single position filled or require a team of staff for an event, we have the expertise and resources to deliver. Contact us today to learn more about our hospitality staffing services and how we can assist you in finding the best candidates for your establishment.

Positions We Staff

Below are a variety of the positions we staff for. We are always willing to accommodate specific industry needs.

We provide exceptional concession employees for all industries. Including Event venues, fairs, professional ball games, and more.
Room Attendants
Room Attendants play a vital role in the hospitality industry, ensuring that hotel rooms and guest accommodations are clean, comfortable, and inviting.
Front Desk Agents
Front Desk Agents are the face of any hospitality establishment, providing guests with their first impression of the hotel or resort.
Reservation Agents
We understand the importance of having a knowledgeable and professional Reservations Agent to handle guest inquiries and reservations.
Supervisors play a crucial role in the hospitality industry, providing leadership, guidance, and support to teams of employees.
Housekeepers have an essential function in the hospitality sector by guaranteeing that guest rooms and communal spaces are tidy, cozy, and alluring.
Stewarding staff plays a crucial role in ensuring that hospitality establishments maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation.
Servers are an essential part of any successful hospitality establishment, providing guests with an exceptional dining experience.
Kitchen Staff
Cooks and Chefs are the backbones of any successful kitchen, providing guests with delicious and memorable culinary experiences.
Hosts and Hostesses
Hosts and Hostesses serve as the first point of contact for guests and create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
Our porters ensure any hotel or venue can meet guests' needs and guarantee the safety of their luggage.
We offer friendly and efficient valet staffing for all hospitality industries. Our valets are trained to meet all your guests' needs.
We specialize in providing skilled and experienced laundry workers for hotels, resorts, cruises, and more.
Maintenance staff plays a vital role in keeping hospitality establishments in top condition and ensuring that guests have a safe and enjoyable stay.
We offer fully licensed and insured engineers to ensure that guests feel safe, comfortable, and welcome during their stay.

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